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Functional cardiodiagnostics


Functional cardiodiagnostics is a method of assessing the functional state of the heart during physical exertion or under the influence of medication. Conducting this study involves prior preparation of the patient, including dietary requirements and the prohibition of taking certain medications.

During functional cardiodiagnostics, the patient undergoes physical exertion on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer, or receives a medical stimulus aimed at activating the cardiovascular system.

During the study, such parameters as heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, electrocardiographic data and other parameters are recorded, which serve to evaluate the heart's reaction to physical or medical stress.

The results of functional cardiodiagnostics are subjected to further medical analysis in order to identify possible pathological changes in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and to form an appropriate treatment plan and monitor the patient's condition.

The main stages of functional cardiodiagnostics include:

  1. Preparation for research: the patient must be prepared for a functional load, which may include abstaining from food and drink for a certain period of time before the test.
  2. Carrying out physical activity or administering medication: during functional cardiodiagnostics, the patient can perform physical exercises on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer, or receive a medical load with the help of special drugs that stimulate cardiac activity.
  3. Registration of indicators: during loading or drug administration, indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, number of pulsations, ECG (electrocardiogram) and other indicators are recorded.
  4. Analysis of results: The obtained data are analyzed by a doctor who determines the reaction of the heart to stress or medical stimulation, evaluates the functional state of the cardiovascular system and detects possible anomalies.

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