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Treatment programs

Special treatment programs for rehabilitation and general improvement are provided at your service


Treatment programs are comprehensive action plans aimed at improving the health of patients through the use of various methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Programs are designed for different groups of patients with different medical needs and diagnoses. Comprehensive treatment programs for rehabilitation and restoration of the body or its individual parts are at your service.


Cardiac rehabilitation

A comprehensive approach to restoring the physical and psychological functionality of patients after heart disease or heart surgery

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Traumatological rehabilitation

For patients after injuries, fractures, dislocations, operative interventions for endoprosthesis, osteometallosynthesis, for patients with postural disorders, bone and joint diseases

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Rheumatology rehabilitation

A rheumatology rehabilitation program may include physical therapy, physical therapy, massage, and exercises to improve flexibility and muscle strength. The program may also include special methods of adaptation to daily activities.

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