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Medical health complex

Children's health programs

description of the special offer


Health program for children: "Prevention and treatment of scoliosis"

*for 1 person

**(the final set of examinations, treatment and procedures may be changed and is carried out only on the doctor's prescription)

Type of visit

3 days

5 days

10 days

Outpatient rehabilitation

UAH 8,700

10,500 UAH

UAH 21,000



A list of outpatient rehabilitation procedures and appointments for each program participant


  • Consultation of a doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine/ physical therapist with clinical-instrumental analysis and assessment of the functional state of the patient. Assessment and correction of risk factors, determination of reservations before rehabilitation - 2 procedures*
  • Children's physical therapy: this is a set of specially selected different physical exercises that are used in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases. Physical therapy for children is included in complex treatment or is used as a method of prevention of many diseases - 5 procedures*
  • Balneological services (if there is a concomitant pathology and there are no contraindications): therapeutic baths, relaxation baths, Vichy shower, Phytobochka, Charko shower, circulation shower, mud baths, hydromassage) – 3 procedures*
  • Underwater exercise bike/underwater treadmill – an effective and popular method of prevention, as well as comprehensive treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system – 2 procedures*
  • Mechanotherapy - exercises with resistance on HUR simulators (a system of computerized simulators with an active effect on individual muscle groups, training helps to restore tone and increase strength) - 5 procedures*
  • Redcord/Levitas - individual classes on suspension systems, eliminates muscle spasm, restores biomechanics of movements, improves posture, increases flexibility, strength and endurance, restores joint mobility, stabilizes muscle coordination, strengthens upper and lower limbs - 2 procedures*
  • Therapeutic massage - 2 procedures*
  • Yoga/Kinesiotherapy/Nordic walking\Pilates\Stretching (therapeutic exercises - physical therapy) - systems of individual training that restore balance in the work of deep muscles, mobilize joints, strengthen the entire muscle corset, relieve pain and improve posture - 3 procedures*


*- number of procedures for 5 days


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