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Computed tomography (CT)


Computed tomography in Bukovel  - a modern diagnostic method that allows you to obtain detailed images of internal organs and body structures using X-rays. Due to its high accuracy, CT provides valuable information for establishing an accurate diagnosis and choosing an effective treatment, especially in cases where other examination methods are ineffective. The Resort Medical Park medical and wellness complex conducts examinations with the help of modern equipment, providing comfortable conditions during the procedure and prompt obtaining of results, which allows you to quickly and efficiently plan the next steps of treatment.

У Resort Medical Park ви зможете отримати наступні види послуг:

КТ голови
CT scan of the brain 1 100грн
КТ приносових пазух 900грн
КТ скроневих кісток + носоглотки 1 100грн
КТ приносовихпазух+скроневі+орбіти 1 300грн
КТ лицевого скелету, основи черепа:(орбіти, щелепи, пазухи, скроневі, носоглотка,турецьке сідло, скронево-нижньощелепнісуглоби) 1 300грн
КТ голови (з контрастуванням)
CT scan of the brain 2 100грн
КТ шиї (з контрастуванням)
КТ шиї (орбіти, пазухи, турецьке сідло,
щелепи, глотка, гортань, щитоподібна
залоза, верхнє середостіння, С-відділ
2 500грн
КТ шиї + ОГП (орбіти, пазухи, турецьке
сідло, щелепи, глотка, гортань,
щитоподібна залоза, С, Th відділи хребта,
середостіння, наднирники, легені)
3 500грн
КТ органів грудної клітки 1 100грн
КТ органів черевної порожнини(+
органів малого тазу + заочеревинного
1 300грн
КТ ОГК та ОЧП (з контрастуванням)
КТ органів грудної клітки 2 400грн
КТ органів черевної порожнини(+
органів малого тазу + заочеревинного
2 600грн
КТ ОГК+ОЧП 3 700грн
КТ хребта
Шийний відділ 1 000грн
Грудний відділ 1 000грн
Поперековий – крижовий відділ 1 000грн
Крижово-куприковий сегмент 1 000грн
Два відділи хребта 2 000грн
Всі відділи хребта 2 800грн
Кістки тазу (тазові кістки, кульшові
суглоби, криж, куприк, ілеосакральні
1 100грн
КТ суглобів
Плечовий 1 000грн
Ліктьовий 1 000грн
Колінний 1 000грн
Гомілково-ступневий 1 000грн
Стопа 1 000грн
Кисть 1 000грн
КТ одного сегменту кінцівок
(із залученням двох анатомічних суглобів)
1 200грн
КТ по протоколу політравма
4 зони сканування (головний мозок,
хребет, ОГП, ОЧП, кістки тазу)
3 400грн
КТ по протоколу політравма (з контрастуванням)
4 зони сканування (головний мозок,
хребет, ОГП, ОЧП, кістки тазу)
4 400грн
ОНКОСКРИНІНГ (з контрастуванням)
4 зони сканування (головний мозок, шия,ОГП, ОЧП) 4 400грн
3 зони сканування (шия, ОГП, ОЧП) 4 000грн
КТ- ангіографія (з контрастуванням)
грудна аорта 2 600грн
черевна аорта 2 600грн


Why CT is needed

Computed tomography is used for detailed visual analysis of the anatomy of the human body. The peculiarity of CT in Bukovel is the possibility of obtaining cross-sectional images of any part of the body, which makes this method indispensable for the exact localization of pathologies and the assessment of their size and nature. Excellent resolution and speed of conduction allow CT to be used in a wide range of clinical situations, namely:

Detection of tumors and neoplasms. CT allows to determine the size, shape and location of tumors, which is critical for treatment planning.

· Diagnosis of injuries. This method allows you to quickly assess the degree of bone damage, as well as the presence of internal hemorrhages or organ injuries.

· Identification of infectious diseases. A CT scan can identify areas of inflammation or infection, helping to make an accurate diagnosis.

· Assessment of the state of blood vessels. Thanks to contrast agents, CT angiography allows a detailed study of the vascular system, revealing narrowings or aneurysms.

· Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. Regular CT examinations help monitor the dynamics of the disease and adapt the treatment process.

· Planning of surgical interventions. Detailed images obtained by CT provide invaluable information for planning operations, particularly in neurosurgery and oncology.

CT scan of the brain

It is usually used to detect hemorrhages, tumors, strokes, and other brain pathologies. This examination allows you to quickly obtain important information about the state of the brain, which is critically important in emergency situations. A CT scan of the brain should be taken care of if:

· You experience constant headaches.

· You have symptoms of a neurological nature.

· Survived a head injury.

· Feel dizzy or faint.

· You have a visual or speech impairment.

· You suffer from seizures.

CT scan of the neck

CT scan of the cervical spine helps to diagnose diseases and injuries of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs and nerves. This examination is important for identifying the causes of neck pain and mobility limitation, and its necessity is urgent in:

· Pain in the neck or upper back.

· Injuries of the cervical spine.

· Headaches of unknown origin.

· Numbness or weakness in hands.

Suspicion of a herniated disc.

· Changes in posture.

CT scan of the chest

This type of CT scan is an effective method for assessing the condition of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs and spinal cord in this area. The examination reveals hernias, degenerative changes and other pathologies. This type of CT scan is recommended for:

Constant pain in the thoracic spine.

Suspicion of spinal cord disease.

· Chest injuries.

Presence of intervertebral hernias.

· Changes in the posture or shape of the spine.

Computed tomography with contrast

This type of CT scan is used to improve visualization of internal structures. This procedure is especially effective for detailed examination of blood vessels, detection of tumors or inflammation. It differs from conventional CT in that it allows obtaining more contrasting and informative images, which is important for accurate diagnosis. With the price of a CT scan in Bukovel is affordable to everyone, allowing you not to postpone a trip to the doctor indefinitely.

What is the difference between CT and MRI

The main difference is the type of technology used: CT uses X-rays to create images of the body's internal structures, while MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of soft tissue. CT is more effective for diagnosing diseases of the bones, lungs and other structures where high resolution of hard tissues is required, while MRI is better suited for studying soft tissues such as the brain, spinal cord, joints and internal organs due to its ability to separate different types of fabrics in the image.

The choice between CT and MRI depends on the specific medical situation. For example, CT is better suited for rapid post-injury investigations to detect fractures, internal bleeding, or internal injuries during emergencies. On the other hand, MRI provides advantages in detailed analysis of the state of soft tissues, diagnosis of brain diseases, degenerative changes in the spine or detailed study of the structure of joints.

You always can to do computer tomography in Bukovel by contacting the specialists of the Resort Medical Park medical and wellness complex. A team of experienced doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment awaits you here, providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in any situation. Don't wait - Resort Medical Park specialists are always at your service.


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