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Endoscopic diagnosis


Endoscopic diagnostics is a procedure that uses an endoscope, that is, a thin tube with an optical system, to visually examine the patient's internal organs and tissues. This method allows doctors to get a detailed picture of the state of the organs being examined and detect pathological changes. Endoscopic diagnostics can be performed in various areas of medicine, including gastroenterology, pulmonology, gynecology, urology, and others. It can be used to detect diseases such as ulcers, tumors, inflammatory processes, bleeding and other pathological conditions.

During the procedure, the doctor receives an image of the organ on the monitor screen and conducts an examination and assessment of the condition of the tissues. The results of endoscopic diagnostics help doctors establish a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan and provide recommendations to the patient. It is an important tool in identifying various pathologies and providing proper medical care.

Endoscopic diagnostics includes various types of research, depending on the organ or system that needs to be examined. Some of the more common endoscopic procedures include:

  1. Gastrofibroscopy: Study of the state of the stomach and duodenum.
  2. Colonoscopy: Examination of the inner walls of the large intestine and terminal appendix.
  3. Bronchoscopy: Examination of the state of the respiratory tract and lungs.
  4. Cystoscopy: Examination of the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder and ureters.
  5. Hysteroscopy: Determination of the state of the uterine cavity and cervix.

Early detection of diseases allows doctors to prevent disease progression and negative health consequences. For many diseases, such as stomach cancer, colon cancer and others, timely examination can significantly improve the treatment prognosis and increase the chances of a complete cure.


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